Nordic DevOps Days


9-10 November, Tallinn

What this conference is about?


Today mostly everything depends on information technology and devops is definitely one cornerstone of it. There is a rising need for scalability, security and also for efficiency. How to achieve all of it if at the same time there is a lack of skilled people? It is definitely not through inventing its own wheels in the silos.

Nordic DevOps Days is the place where we can find solutions and get ideas for solving problems together. How?



Conference content - speakers with real-life experiences share their experiences and visions about the future regarding the platforms, security, financial efficiency, deployments and many other topics. This year’s conference's main focus is on building secure cloud environments.


Face-to-face networking with speakers and other participants. There will definitely be someone who can help you. Coffee-breaks, lunch, a networking event - use all these opportunities to talk to people.

Intended audience

As the conference name says, it is a DevOps conference. But not only - if you have connections with devops, it is also for you. There is content for everyone. We will go through how to set up production-grade, secure environments from scratch, as well as how to protect large systems against attacks, how to deploy solutions and how to keep costs under control. So devops, secops, finops, developers, project managers, managers from startups, corporates or public sector - despite “already being in the cloud” or planning to move to the cloud, you will find useful topics!